How it all works

Initial vein consultation to assess the varicose vein treatment required.

The Initial consultation

Having decided to have your varicose veins assessed and treated at the Hampshire Vein Clinic, you can contact us directly if you are self funding, or ask your GP to refer you if you are covered by health insurance (please see contact us).

We can see you for an outpatient appointment at the Nuffield Health Hampshire Hospital, Chandlers Ford or Sarum Road Hospital, Winchester.

At the outpatient visit a full clinical assessment of the situation is made by one of our three experienced vascular surgeons. This is important to evaluate symptoms and estimate the risk of complications arising from your varicose veins. It is important to identify any other problems apart from varicose veins that may be causing the symptoms.

The anatomy and function of the vein systems in the leg are evaluated and a detailed ultrasound vein scan is undertaken to accurately define the distribution of your varicose veins and to demonstrate the leaky parts of the vein system that will need treating to give the best result.

The optimal treatment or treatment options can be planned. For most patients the problem can be fully assessed, scans performed and treatment planned in one visit which usually last about 30 minutes. The Hampshire Vein Clinic vascular surgeons give a full explanation of the nature of varicose veins, the important features of your varicose veins and the best procedure for you. Details of the procedure and after-care are provided on an information sheet. A convenient date for treatment is then arranged.


Several different treatments are available for varicose veins including Endovenous Laser treatment (EVLT), radiofrequency ablation (VNUS Closure), foam sclerotherapy, conventional sclerotherapy and conventional surgery No two patients' varicose veins are quite the same and whilst one form of treatment may be right for one patient, a different technique may be better suited for others. Treatment is planned and customised to each individual patient's needs.

Which ever treatment is recommended, great attention is given to achieving the best possible result and allowing rapid return to normal activities. The Hampshire Vein Clinic surgeons aim to fully treat the affected leg in one procedure. If both legs are affected, these can usually be treated together, but an overnight stay is usually required.

A compression stocking is usually worn for two weeks after the procedure by which time most patients are back to full activities. You will be walking from the first day after the procedure. Healing is largely complete by six weeks.

Please see the Assessments & Treatments and Information Sheets pages.


A patient before and six weeks after endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) with microphlebectomies:

Patient varicose veins before endovenous laser treatment Patient varicose veins six weeks after endovenous laser treatment
Before After

One follow up visit six weeks after the procedure is frequently all that is required. Sometimes further additional treatments may be required, particularly if the varicose veins are very extensive.


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