Outpatient assessment and scanning

Varicose Vein Assessments & Scanning for Vein Treatments

The initial outpatient appointment is vital to assess the nature of your varicose veins, how much trouble they are causing and how best to treat them. The surgeon will ask about your symptoms, any complications you may have had already from your veins and if you have had any previous treatment. He will ask about your general health and any medication you take. He will also ask about domestic and work arrangements to gauge how treatment may affect your daily routine.

Your legs will be carefully examined from feet to groins to assess the size, distribution and extent of your varicose veins and to check whether any complications have occurred. Any previous surgery will be noted and a more general examination undertaken if appropriate.

A duplex ultrasound vein scan will be performed to accurately map the anatomy and function of your veins and to determine how best to treat them. This is a painless investigation that is performed with you standing.

Having obtained this information the surgeon will advise you on the best treatment for your varicose veins and how to obtain the best possible results. A convenient date for your treatment will be arranged and questions about aftercare, mobility, driving, work, etc addressed.